Monday, November 9, 2009

JX-8P editor (PG-800 replacement)

This is so far just a thought in my head.
The PG-800 is a programmer for the JX-8P (and JX-10 and MKS-70), but I don't have a programmer.

Since my JX-8P is broken I can't really test any programmer so it's not really high on my priority list at the moment. Especially since I have already started my Matrix editor and have 4 synthesizers to repair.

Anyway, I saw the schematics for the PG-800 and it looks really simple. Perhaps it would be a better "first project" than the Matrix editor but at least the Matrix-1000 is working :)

So.. This will have to remain an idea until I at least fix the JX-8P and probably until I have gotten some more things on my todo-list done...


  1. a couple of years later... I'd really want a price worthy controller for the Juno-1 too, otherwise I think I'll trade mine. any success with the project of building one for the JX8P?

  2. Hi,
    No I didn't go anywhere with this project. I'm lazy enough with the repairs on the stuff I already have :)
    This editor looks cool and works for a lot of different synths:
    It costs a bit much though...
    Otherwise you could try the Behringer BCR2000 so unless you've seen this video, check it out:
    It's quite affordable.
    Of course, a dedicated controller would be the best, but then you gotta get a PG-200 and they are hard to find + usually expensive.

  3. jag förmodar nästan att du är svensk.

    snål som jag är skulle jag gärna fixa en så billigt som möjligt. ska se om jag kan få mitt klav att lära sig och spara junons parametrar.

    assuming you're swedish. complain if you're not.

  4. Svensk ja.. Var det så uppenbart? :P
    Funderat på datoreditor?
    Förresten om du inte redan hittat dit, kom till forumet på om du vill snacka mer Juno och syntar och musikskapande i allmänhet :)

  5. jag vet inte varför jag gissade det från början. men någon av bilderna avslöjade dig.

    kör en editor som är helt ok - utvecklad för JX8P men helt juno-kompatibel.

    jag finns redan på 99, som hairofthedog!