Saturday, May 21, 2011

Juno-60 up and running

Time to pop the hood
When I came back home from work yesterday I decided it was time to open this thing up and see what it looked like inside... Perhaps also, if possible, repair any faults I find so it becomes useable.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roland Juno-60

I got a Juno-60!!!
At work today I heard that someone in my city was selling a broken Juno-60 really cheap. I was wondering how I could have missed that as since I regularly check them several times a day and the ad in question was posted yesterday. Hm.. What else have I missed? Anyway...
I sent the guy a message and after some bidding and discussions I drove there after work and looked at it. Obviously it had no MIDI but it seemed like all the voices were working so I bought it! WOOOO!!!

Polysix overhaul!

About time I fixed it!

Well it took a while but last week I decided to just get it done.
I had had the replacement switches for the panel buttons at home for a long time and I finally decided to replace them. The rest followed and I fixed it up pretty well...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Conductive discs for Poly-61 keyboard

Tried a new keyboard repair

I had ordered a keyboard repair set for keyboards using the "rubber membrane with carbon peg against PCB traces"-style contacts.
These are used on many keyboards such as the Juno-2, JX-8P, Polysix and of course Poly-61.
Cleaning the PCB and the carbon only seems to remove the very worst of the grease and dust but I didn't get a feeling that the keyboard was really "like new" in terms of triggering afterwards.

So, I decided to try these things...

You can see how thin they are. They come pre-punched with an adhesive so you peel them off of the tape, like little stickers.

Fresh buttons on Matrix-6

Replaced panel switches.

Just a small update. Nothing big.
I received the swithces I ordered for my Oberheim Matrix-6 and replaced them.
It was pretty quick and easy. Just remove the board from the panel, unplug a couple of connectors, remove those grayish button tops and off with the switches!

Here's just a photo of when I'm half-way there. Old switches removed. New ones in the ziplock bag, waiting to be placed on the board.

Buttons work perfectly now. Aaahhh...

Oh, I broke the volume pot that I had put in... It got caught in something when I opened the panel and the rear pins just snapped and took a part of the back of the pot with them... Luckily I bought two so I had a spare one :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It doesn't matter two (Cover)

It's this time of year again!

Or maybe it's just time for my second Depeche Mode cover.
I wanted to make a simple electronic sounding cover of "It doesn't matter two" from the Black Celebration album. I am quite pleased with the results. As always, my singing is what bothers me the most. Had to do a lot of takes for this to become good enough.

This is an all VST arrangement using only Cubase Studio 4, Zebra, Pro-53, FM8, Reaktor and Alchemy, and of course some plugins for dynamics and reverb, etc...

Anyway, here it is:

There is also a link to the song on soundcloud if you can't stand the video or don't want to use youtube: