Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roland Juno-60

I got a Juno-60!!!
At work today I heard that someone in my city was selling a broken Juno-60 really cheap. I was wondering how I could have missed that as since I regularly check them several times a day and the ad in question was posted yesterday. Hm.. What else have I missed? Anyway...
I sent the guy a message and after some bidding and discussions I drove there after work and looked at it. Obviously it had no MIDI but it seemed like all the voices were working so I bought it! WOOOO!!!

I knew there were some problem with it and this is what I have found so far:

Broken A-key

Broken pitch bender.

Broken switches and missing slider caps

Also, the entire front panel seems to be suffering from glitching connectors. I had troubled with the noise slider and lots of other things weren't responding sometimes. Also, if you apply just a little pressure to the panel, the sound changes completely and goes insane and the LED display shows garbage.
That will be fun to track down... or not...

Finally, the battery seems dead, which was expected. All the patches are just crap.
I haven't opened it yet... I will do that tomorrow. Hope it looks ok in there...

The guy I bought it from said he in turn had bought it in this state, planning to try to repair it himself or find someone to get it repaired for him.
Apparently that was some 5 years ago and nothing had been done to it. So, it's just been sitting unused for a long time. God knows for how long it was broken before he bought it. However, that means one thing. The keyboard hasn't been worn out! All the keys seem to be working just fine. I think there was a couple of times where I had a key double-trigger, but that could just as well have been the glitching front panel playing tricks with me.

At least all the voices are working. I think at least one of the filters won't go into self-oscillation but I'm hoping that's just a matter of calibrating.
We'll see.

In either case, at the price I got it for (around 170 Euro) I don't really care!! :)

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