Friday, May 13, 2011

Fresh buttons on Matrix-6

Replaced panel switches.

Just a small update. Nothing big.
I received the swithces I ordered for my Oberheim Matrix-6 and replaced them.
It was pretty quick and easy. Just remove the board from the panel, unplug a couple of connectors, remove those grayish button tops and off with the switches!

Here's just a photo of when I'm half-way there. Old switches removed. New ones in the ziplock bag, waiting to be placed on the board.

Buttons work perfectly now. Aaahhh...

Oh, I broke the volume pot that I had put in... It got caught in something when I opened the panel and the rear pins just snapped and took a part of the back of the pot with them... Luckily I bought two so I had a spare one :)

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  1. HI! I need your help with my Matrix. Please email me at

    I had the battery replaced and reloaded all the sounds, but now only 12 of the keys work. Could anything be loose or need to be reset?