Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It doesn't matter two (Cover)

It's this time of year again!

Or maybe it's just time for my second Depeche Mode cover.
I wanted to make a simple electronic sounding cover of "It doesn't matter two" from the Black Celebration album. I am quite pleased with the results. As always, my singing is what bothers me the most. Had to do a lot of takes for this to become good enough.

This is an all VST arrangement using only Cubase Studio 4, Zebra, Pro-53, FM8, Reaktor and Alchemy, and of course some plugins for dynamics and reverb, etc...

Anyway, here it is:

There is also a link to the song on soundcloud if you can't stand the video or don't want to use youtube:


  1. Cool to hear you sing! Nice harmonies.

    Btw, the youtube link above the video goes to Boys say go.

  2. Hey, thanks :)

    Oops, fixed the link. Thanks again ;)

  3. Nice job! and... don't worry about the singing :-)


  4. Damned Peter,

    this is by far the most beautiful cover of this wonderful song that i ever heard. this record builds the soundtrack of my puperty, my youth! Thank you for emphasizing the fragile atmosphere of this song. its heard in your voice!
    By the way, i bookmarked you website. please write some more personal opinions on the gear you review.

    Thanks and Greetings from outer space,
    prosper donge

    1. Hi :)

      Thank you very much for your kind words!
      Glad I could evoke some emotions in someone :)

      I don't really review gear. The things I write are mostly about what I have owned and/or repaired. I've been trying to make a "one-synth-song" with the CS-30, just as a demo, but I never finished it because I wasn't happy with it. Some day maybe.

      Take care,