Saturday, April 14, 2012

Simple CV/Trigger switch box

I like my Yamaha CS-30.
I like my Kenton Pro Solo Mk II.
I DON'T like that I have to plug the CV/Trigger cables in and out every time I want to switch between letting the Pro Solo control the CS-30 and playing the CS-30 keyboard myself.

Solution: Make a simple box that lets me choose which "mode" I want to use the CS-30 in.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Poly-61 MIDIfied!

Finally, after two years, I installed the CHD Elektroservis Poly-61 MIDI retrofit kit!
So why did it take so long? First and foremost, I'm lazy, OK? Takes me forever to get my thumbs out and actually do something that I really want to do.
Second, and this is a practical reason, I didn't have any good way of making a 16mm diameter hole for the MIDI connector, and I sure wasn't going to have a dangling MIDI-connector next to the synth.
Most people don't have drilling machines that can handle drills with 16mm diameter.

One way could be using a conical drill, preferably stepped. That seemed like a good way to screw everything up since I don't have anything to keep everything in place with. No vise, no pillar drill...
So, after winning a 5/8 inch (15.875mm) hole punch on an online auction, I got to work the same day it arrived in my mailbox. If you don't know what a hole punch is or how it works, look it up.
It's really great!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 plus

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 plus

This didn't cost me much (around 115 Euro) and I was curious to see how I'd feel about owning a hardware sampler again.
It's the Sequential Circuits Inc (or SCI for short) Prophet 2002 plus!

Yeah, a broken knob :(