Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 plus

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 plus

This didn't cost me much (around 115 Euro) and I was curious to see how I'd feel about owning a hardware sampler again.
It's the Sequential Circuits Inc (or SCI for short) Prophet 2002 plus!

Yeah, a broken knob :(

Sampler time!

The Casio FZ-1 was my first sampler and I really didn't know how to use it. I remember there were some fancy 8-stage envelopes and a (analog?) filter.I got rid of it for some reason and later on acquired an Ensoniq EPS. I used it quite a lot but it only had digital filters without resonance. Madness...
I got rid of that as well after a few years and I haven't had a sampler for about 10 years or so I think.
So now I wanted to try one again, only with analog filters this time.

I haven't even turned it on yet but I assume it works. The seller said it did, but pointed out a knob was broken and another one might need to be replaced.
No mention about the drive but I'm thinking that if I'll be using this seriously I'm going to put a card reader there instead. Still, a working drive will be good :)


This version has 8 separate outputs on the rear.

The seller didn't know how much memory was in it (I guess he didn't own it that long and didn't use it much).
He guessed 512kB. I'll have to open it and look inside to find out I guess.
The filters are CEM3379 24dB/oct. Filter, Pan, VCA.
They are also used in the Ensoniq ESQ-1 and SQ-80.

The SCI Prophet VS uses the CEM3378 24dB/oct. Filter, Mix, VCA. (Like 3379 but mix instead of pan)
The datasheet states that the filter part in the 3378 and 3379 are the same, so...
They have the same filters, more or less...

A shot of the bottom PCBs

And a shot of the top PCBs

This unit seems to be in cosmetically good condition, except for the obvious missing knob.
I hope the potentiometers, or whatever they are, are easy to find replacements for.

Now... The immediate problem is that I don't have any rack space for it!
I'm gonna need a bigger rack...


  1. hello , do you want to sell it ?

  2. Hi
    I got the same model too. Did you manage to route the voices to the individual outputs? How do u do this? With mappings?

    You can reply to me to berniehasslinger[├Ąt]


  3. same problem with the individual outputs. dont know how to route them