Sunday, March 5, 2017

Quick SE MIDI Mini tuning

VCO Calibration

This was also a simple job.
The only problem with this Studio Electronics MIDI Mini was that it wasn't tracking very well, in particular in the high octaves.
I started out by calibrating the PSU, but it was already almost spot on (at around +/- 10.05V or something) but I did my best to set it to exactly +/-10.00V. 
After that I calibrated the VCOs (though I have no memory of the actual procedure today), but I haven't made any specific notes about it so I can only assume it went well and didn't take too long.

Juno-6 with trigger problems and broken switch

A Juno-6 with a couple of minor issues

So my second repair was a Roland Juno-6 that had a couple of minor issues.

Trigger heard on output

One of them was that the trigger signal connected to the trigger input (for clocking the arpeggiator) could be heard on the output.
I figured it must be some audio input modification so I opened it up to have a look.