Sunday, March 5, 2017

Quick SE MIDI Mini tuning

VCO Calibration

This was also a simple job.
The only problem with this Studio Electronics MIDI Mini was that it wasn't tracking very well, in particular in the high octaves.
I started out by calibrating the PSU, but it was already almost spot on (at around +/- 10.05V or something) but I did my best to set it to exactly +/-10.00V. 
After that I calibrated the VCOs (though I have no memory of the actual procedure today), but I haven't made any specific notes about it so I can only assume it went well and didn't take too long.

This was not much to write about really, but just wanted to post it and share what I've been doing so you don't think I'm only repairing Tridents and CR-78s with leaking batteries :)

Not much to photograph either actually, but I'll throw in a photo of the inside just for good measure.
Rear panel, trimmer access holes and some trimmers visible.

Oh, I remember being annoyed at the placement of the trimmers.
Note how the conveniently placed holes in the back of the case allows you to trim the VCOs, but as I recall the envelope (I think it was the envelope... don't remember) sits behind it and you can't really reach those trimmers from the outside, or barely inside! It's a bit cramped in there.
Also, if I remember correctly, the holes in the back didn't line up exactly with the trimmers, which was kind of annoying as well.. or was that on another unit? Heh.. I'm not sure.. If it was this one it was annoying!

Anyway, a small and simple job.

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