Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things I have previously owned

Here is a list of things I have owned in the past but for some reason no longer have.
All of the photos here are "borrowed" from the web since I didn't take any good photos of them when I had them.

ART Multiverb II
This one suddenly froze and got stuck so I couldn't change presets. The display showed garbage and I thought "Oh well, it's dead" so I just threw it away.

Casio FZ-1
I honestly don't remember where this one went but I think I used it as a trade-in when buying something newer in a store.

Ensoniq EPS
After fixing the annoying glitching board connector below the keyboard I managed to sell this one through an ad.

Korg DVP-1
This one was sold through an ad as well. I still remember the guys name for some reason.

Roland D-20
Not sure what happened to this one but I think I sold it through an ad as well.

Roland Juno-106
Ooooh don't remind me! This is the one I regret getting rid of the most.
I bought it from a friend. He had put a Boss flanger pedal inside it and placed a pushbutton on the front panel to the right to activate it. After a few years he wanted it back and I didn't really use it so sold it back to him for about the same price. Blah.

Roland JX-8P
My first synthesizer (back in 1988 I think). I probably used it as a trade-in when buying something newer in a store. Later, I bought another one which I still own.

Roland TR-626
Honestly I'm not sure it was this particular one but quite sure :) I bought it cheap and quickly realized I didn't want it so I sold it to a friend for the same price after a week or so.

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