Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roland JX-3P with PG-200

I bought three synthesizers at the same time and this was the only one in working condition.
Ok, so the lowest C key is dead but that doesn't really bother me. I got the PG-200 programmer included in the price which I think was nice.

As you can see, apart from it being really filthy (I don't want to know what that dried redish stuff is on the buttons...), the slider cap has really made some bad marks on the panel. I guess it took a hit and now it's leaning a bit to the side and scratches against the panel whenever it's moved. Minor annoyance but it would be nice to fix that I guess. I sure need to wipe this thing clean though...

I didn't get the programmer cable that connects the PG-200 to the JX-3P when I bought it but the guy said he'd send it to me (along with missing half of the broken key for the Matrix 6 I bought). We'll see if I ever get it, otherwise I guess it wouldn't be too hard to make one.

Here's a closer shot of the PG-200.

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  1. Nice one! I also just got me a Roland JX-3P with the programmer (those are rare!), but I think it is in a better condition. Play well!