Sunday, November 8, 2009

Roland Juno-2

In elementary school between 7th and 9th grade we had a room for our music classes. In it were a lot of acoustic guitars, tambourines, a drum set, a piano, a horrible Korg M1 (always hated it), a TR-505 I think and an Alesis HR-16.. and a Roland Alpha Juno. I don't remember if it was Juno 1 or 2 though.

I don't have any fond memories of it other than it was the best sounding keyboard in that room. Since I didn't spend a lot of time editing it I mainly checked out the presets and they weren't really blowing me away...

Lately I have been seeing clips on youtube with demos of the Alpha Junos and they apparently don't cost too much. So, I started looking and found one.
I bought it from a "peoples college" that shut down their music education.
The price included a flightcase so that was even better since it had to be delivered a long way.

I assume it is working but I have not received it yet.

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