Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stupid fuse holder

Since I need to put a new fuse holder on the fuse board to get 230V to the correct wire on the transformer I started looking for fuse holder clips at my usual stores.

Now, if you look at the fuse board...

you see the other fuse holder is not one component, like this

but rather two individual clips.

Of course I don't want to make any unnecessary alterations.
It seems like the distance between the pins is too big so I prefer to buy the same type of clips as the ones that are already on the board (but for a 5x20mm tube fuse) and place in the empty space.
So, I need two of these:

Naturally none of the usual places have these clips so I have to buy it from the most expensive supplier in the world (or Sweden at least), ELFA. Also, they didn't have any in stock in the local shop so I have to order it and wait for delivery to the shop so I can go and buy it there (I'll pick up a box of 500mA fuses as well). I'm not going to have them deliver it to me because it costs like $5 for a stupid letter, just for the delivery. Morons.
All that trouble for two stupid clips that cost less than $1...

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