Monday, November 9, 2009

Juno 2 editor (PG-300 replacement)

Since I have just bought a Roland Alpha Juno 2 without programmer I thought it would be nice to have a programmer, possibly home made if it's not too much trouble.
There is a programmer, the PG-300, which can be used to program the Juno 1, Juno 2 and MKS-30.
The difference between the PG-300 and the PG-200 (for JX-3P) or PG-800 (for JX-8P) is that it seems to use the standard MIDI sysex instead of custom codes sent via a dedicated controller port.

This project will probably also not be high prioritized since I have my Matrix 1000 editor project already going and I have 4 synthesizers that need repairs...

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