Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Received my Juno 2 today

Today I received my Roland Juno 2 that I bought about a week ago. It came in a very sturdy and heavy flight case. I didn't get any memory cartridge with it though.

It had some scratches on the left side of the front but nothing serious. The patch select buttons are quite nasty though and I'll probably try to clean them.

When I took it out and placed it on the desk I noticed is that it doesn't rest on all four "feet". It kind of balances on the rear left and front right corner and usually the rear right corner as well while the front left foot is almost a centimeter above the surface. When you play it it will tilt forward a bit and the rear right will life and the front left will come down. So, the whole thing is twisted.

Ok, I admit the perspective probably exaggerates the shape a bit but I think you get the idea...

How do you shape it like that?

Anyway, I powered it up and was happy to see that the Alpha dial seemed to work OK and LCD backlight was working (Don't know if it's ever been a problem with these, but still).

Overall the surface was in nice condition except for the markings. This synthesizer belonged to a school which sold all their music equipment because the education program was closed.

Except for the strange warping of the casing, the only real problem I found was that the middle H/B key didn't really respond instantly but sometimes lagged a bit. It also seemed to have a tendency to trigger with full velocity. Since it's basically in the middle of the keyboard it's an annoying fault. I think I'll have to search the web for information about keyboard wear on the Juno 2 and see if there's anything I can do. The C key neighboring it seemed a little loose so maybe it took a hit there. Actually the H/B key one octave up also seemed to sometimes trigger at full velocity but didn't have any problems with triggering on time.

But, I still think it is in acceptable working condition. However it only took me about 1 patch of programming to realize that programming with the alpha dial (press parameter, select parameter with dial, press data, edit parameter data with dial) is a bit annoying but I guess I'll survive.

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