Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oberheim Matrix-1000

Oberheim Matrix-1000

I got this one via an ad some years ago, perhaps around the year 2000. It sounds quite nice but its obvious major drawback is the lack of programming interface. It is basically a preset box.

Sure, you can edit the sounds with a software editor or with another Matrix-6 or Matrix-6R but it is impossible to edit any sounds on the Matrix-1000 alone.

Almost since the first day I got it I thought:
"There has to be some sort of editor available for this!"
And sure, there is:
Access Matrix programmer on Matrixsynth website.

When you know what that is though you will be disappointed. There are lots of parameters missing. For example all of the modulation matrix parameters (which is what makes the Matrix a Matrix!) are not available for editing.
I haven't had any personal experience with the editor but from what I have read about it I can tell that it's not something I miss.

However, my desire for a complete hardware editor for the Matrix-1000 stayed in the back of my head since I bought it.
Today I feel I have some more confidence and knowledge, more info on the internet as well as a job so I can afford to buy things I need.

I have decided to start evaluating if it is possible for me to construct a complete editor for the Matrix-1000 (and possibly for the 6/6R as well).

If you're interested, read about my project here: (soon...)


  1. This is a really great project!

    I'm sorry to ask that, but what kind of computer language do you need to learn to build such a device yourself?

    Best reguards from Berlin / Germany,


  2. Hi Steve!
    I guess you're talking about my editor project ?
    You can see my posts about it (if you didn't find them yet) under my "Projects" menu to the right.

    Well, the language I use is C but that's because my project is a bit big and it works best for my microcontroller. For other controllers or smaller projects I think assembly would be an option too.

    If there's anything else you want to know just ask.
    Cheers from Malmö / Sweden!


  3. Let me know more news about your Matrix-1000 controller. This module has a great sound and deservers a dedicated controller. And good luck.