Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yamaha CS-40m


I actually paid for this almost two months ago but the seller had no way of transporting it to me since he had no case for it. And, he lives over 600km away from me so it's not really a quick or cheap trip with the car to pick it up.
Yesterday though, I finally got it :)

Maybe it was a bit desperate...
I only had email contact with the seller for about 5 days before paying him. He agreed to keep the CS-40m for me while I tried to arrange a transport.
There was no case for it and since it's like 1 meter wide, half a meter deep and 20 cm high, and weighs 21 kg! ... it's nothing you just throw in a cardboard box and send with any courier.

I asked around to check if anybody was going to drive from his city to mine and could transport it for me. One guy said yes, but I'd have to wait for a month and a half. Ok... I waited.
Then about a week before he was going to drive, he contacted me and told me he couldn't make the trip. So... I had no way of transporting it.
Luckily, my mother had a meeting in his city and was going there, by TRAIN.
Anyway, she agreed to pick it up for me and drag it to the train station.
I picked her up on the station here and, almost two months after paying for it, I finally have it in my posession :)

This is what it looked like when I received it :)

I think I have to calm down with my synthesizer purchases now since I:
a) am currently unemployed
b) have no room for them (or barely myself)

The CS-40m is a lot bigger than I imagined, perhaps due to how "deep" it is and the sloping front panel, making it look really massive from behind.

It's in good conditions. A few scratchy pots but I didn't find any glitching or bad selectors or sliders or anything like that. The keyboard responds well, no dead keys. It also seems to be well calibrated (at least the VCOs).
Nice :)


  1. Woo-hoo, and what a beauty it is!
    What does it sound like?

  2. I love how the cat guards the unpacked CS-40M. :)