Monday, August 30, 2010

Behringer Xenyx 1204USB

As described in the Xenyx 1002 post, I needed to be able to rout a single audio channel to the audio input of my Terratec Phase 22. I needed the smallest mixer with sub outs or alt outs that I could find. The Xenyx 1204USB seemed to be that one.

I bought it new from
Now, I can place a channel in the main mix or in the alt 3-4 outputs. The 3-4 outputs are routed to the Terratec Phase 22 inputs. The main mix goes nowhere.
However, the main mix and the alt 3-4 outs are monitored in the monitor channel, which is conneted to my loudspeakers. They're just a Logitech PC "2.1" system but I'll get real monitors at a later time. No rush with them. I have no room for them anyway and I can use headphones :)
Anyway, now I can play live on any synth or sing, while listening to audio from the PC and record only the desired channel. Excellent :)
It has replaced my Xenyx 1002 and is now sitting on top of my PC tower case.


  1. I just bought this mixer. How do you place a channel in the 3-4 outputs?

    1. It was a while ago since I used it now, but the Mute buttons double as 3-4 output enable switches. If you want to listen to them, even if they're muted, you need to listen through the monitor outputs and press the Alt 3-4 switch just to the left of the ctrl-room volume knob. I guess it's all in the manual :)

    2. Thanks for the reply Peter. I figured it out last night with some more Google searching. The manual was not clear about the double use of mute button. I got everything going now and it's working great for me.