Monday, August 2, 2010

Started building

It always feels good to get started with the actual construction!
Here's just a photo of the two boards with the buttons and almost all of the LEDs.

(Changed project name to "Step1" instead. Mörckstep sounded stupid.)

For the panel I am missing yellow and blue LEDs, other than that I think the panel is more or less complete. I just need to make sure the edges between the boards fit better so they will match the 2.54mm grid or I will get problems with the board that will be underneath them.

I am also missing some switches to ease switching between ICSP-programming and run-mode for the PIC, as well as some IC and some other stuff.
So, I am placing an order from right now. Hopefully I'll have the parts before the end of the week.

As of today I am now formally unemployed. Yay... :P
Well.. I have more time for the projects but..
Yeah you know... It's good to have a job :)

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