Monday, August 30, 2010

Behringer Xenyx 1002

I guess I should include this one in my equipment list.
I bought it new about two years ago I think and I've had it sitting on top of my PC tower case.

I used it to mix the Soundblaster Audigy output and Terratec Phase 22 soundcard output of my main computer as well as the on-board soundcard of a second computer also standing on my table.
When I put my rack and a few synthesizers up I used the rack mixer in the rack as a sub mixer for the synthesizers and routed the rack mixer output to the Xenyx 1002 as well.

About a week ago I wanted to record a single synthesizer or try recording from a microphone while listening to audio from the PC. That wasn't possible so I replaced the Xenyx 1002 with a Behringer Xenyx 1204USB.
I still have the 1002 though but it's not being used at the moment.

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