Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Built data entry knob stuff

Well, not much to write about actually. I have just built the design I made earlier but not yet mounted it or even tested it yet.

I made the strip board design using a program called Loch Master 3.0 available from for €39.90. A very good tool for planning your strip board projects!

Here's what I came up with using the program:

and here's the design built on a strip board:

The connectors take up more space than the ones in the program (I keep forgetting that) but I saw I moved the right most connector a hole closer to the left at least.

The screw holes are too small and I haven't even tested for short circuits yet but that'll be next. After that I'll make the same test setup as I did with the bread board. When that seems to work I'll finally test to actually connect it to the Poly 61 at appropriate points.

To the left is the connector for the rotary encoder. Then the pull-down resistors for the encoder pulse pins, bypass capacitor for the PIC and the PIC itself. The first connector to the right of the PIC is for ICSP so I don't have to take it out of the socket to reprogram it. Then there are the two switch MOSFETs and a reservoir cap for the power supply. Finally to the right is the connector where the wires from the Poly 61 will come in: +5V, GND, D0, D1, Addr select and another GND. I only need the first five but I only had 6-pin headers, so...

More to come...

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