Saturday, March 20, 2010

After buying rack units I need to use them :)

Ok, recently I have been buying a Matrix 1000, a rack mixer and 3 rack FX units. Time to put them to use I think? I got myself some screws (couldn't find any black ones) and a lot of patch cables and got to work.

Lots of stuff on my table. How on earth will I fit that rack onto there??

I removed all the boxes with electronics stuff in them and started to plan how to put everything back. I also wanted to be able to put my USB MIDI-keyboard on the table when I need to. This does not look good. I almost gave up at one point actually and thought that this'll all have to wait...

Well, I moved my screens to the right, put the small black computer (to the left) behind my large monitor and moved my bigger computer a bit more to the right.
I could now fit the rack between the window and my computer :)

So here's what my hardware setup looks like at the moment minus, of course, all the keyboards that are leaning against the walls here and there in my apartment. They'll have to wait for their time until we've moved to a bigger place (we as in me and my girlfriend, not me and my synthesizers ;) )

I can hardly believe I managed to fit all that stuff in there. Though now it's a total nightmare whenever I need to access something on the rear of my computer since I have no space to lean through.
Well well, I guess this is about as good as I can make it at the moment. All that remains now is to make some cool electronic music :)


  1. I thinkz'ze you needz to movez ze pcz to ze floorz, jah?

  2. Hey, Congrats! I see you almost fitted the MIDI-keyboard onto the desk, and that by covering only a minor part of your computer-keyboard. Well done!

  3. Btw, I don't envy you your rig, nooo, not at all...