Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Matrix!

Impulse buy?
Ok, maybe I didn't need this one but .. Come on.. The guy that was selling it lived in the same city as me and he just wanted 150 Euro for it. I had to buy it...

Interesting detail:
The colours of the Oberheim logo are inverted compared to my other Matrix 1000.
This one has a black "M" or whatever it is against a white background. My other Matrix 1000 has a white M against a black background.

The guy was really nice as we had a long chat about synthesizers and fun things like that. Just after I had paid him before I was about to leave he said he'd give me a small bonus (as if I didn't get the Matrix 1000 cheap enough).

So, it's nothing expensive but a bit fun, but he gave me this book :)

It was printed in 1985 so the JX-8P is "new" in that book :) Could be worth some reading for that nostalgy trip.

I didn't really try it out before I paid for it but he was sort of known so I didn't think he would (consiously) try to sell me something that wasn't working.
I started it up in the evening at home and everything worked. No exciting presets in the user bank but I didn't really care :)
At the end of the day, all I have is yet another synthesizer which I have no room for. I definitely need more space for my stuff...

But it was cheap!

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