Monday, February 22, 2010

Roland Juno 2 (rackmod) a.k.a. Plexijuno

It's a Juno 2 but without keyboard, and it's mounted on a piece of plexi glass.
It's the Plexijuno!

I almost bought this thing a couple of months ago but someone else beat me to it.
A couple of days ago I saw that the guy was selling it already so I seized the opportunity.
It's sort of cool and ugly at the same time. I'm told it looks nice in the dark :)
I'll have to wait for the proof though as I asked my father to pick it up for me because he lives in the same city as the seller. That way I didn't have to pay for the delivery. I'm gonna see my dad in a little over a month and I think I can manage to wait. It's not like I have room for this thing anyway but I just had to have it :)
It was a lot cheaper than what regular Juno 2's sell for (about half of what I paid for my Juno 2) so it's a good price.

When I get my hands on it I'll make sure it works (I'm sure it does since I see the guy who sold it on a forum regularly, and he's not the kind that would sell anything broken)

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