Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roland PG-800

I finally bought one!
My JX-8P has found its mate! :)

Sorry about the crappy flash reflection

I know this is a simple device; a lot of potentiometers, a bunch of analog multiplexers, an AD converter and a microcontroller. I had the plans to build my own PG-800 substitute because the prices for these things are about the same as for the JX-8P. However, that was like 4 years ago... Not much has happened since then.
If I want a controller for this thing before I die, I might as well buy one.

As I saw one for sale here in Sweden, I decided to get it instead of waiting for a project that will never happen. I have enough of those in the pipe already...

I should really get a better photo of the JX-8P in working condition with the PG-800 on top of it!
Later ;)

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  1. I use an iPad editor for that, wirelessly. It's about $5.