Saturday, August 24, 2013

A-Ha - I've been losing you (Cover by me)

It's time for another cover!
I really like some of the songs on A-Ha's first albums, and I chose to cover "I've been losing you."

Now, part of the purpose of doing this was of course to make a cover just because I really like the song, but another purpose was also to practice and experiment a bit with singing and mixing.
I'm not quite happy with my vocal performance as I feel it's too tense and shaky, though the original has some of that tension, Morten still manages to keep relaxed and singing in tune while I am struggling with it.
One thing I noticed is that it's really hard to keep an even volume as I tend to sing louder during some parts, in particular when I have to take high notes. I guess this is something experienced singers have learned to compensate for by moving away and towards the microphone. Now however I had to try and compensate in the recording instead, which I'm a bit lazy to go over and to properly everywhere, just in a few bad spots.

Regarding the mixing I did about 5 versions of it. The first one used a lot of stuff on the master bus (Saturation and multi-band compressor) but in the end I thought it sounded better the more I removed. Even if I didn't quite get that full punchy sound with all the mastering stuff added, it still was more pleasant to listen to without it. It really is an art to do proper mixing as well as mastering, and this was an experiment in both.

Here is the final version that I decided to go with:

The gearlist, if anybody is interested:
Roland Juno-60, Roland JX-8P, U-He Diva, U-He Zebra, NI FM-8, NI Pro-53, Yamaha CS-40M, Fabfilter Twin 2, NI Battery 3.

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