Thursday, July 25, 2013

Roland SH-2000

It's not a Roland SH-1000, but almost ;)
I serviced an SH-1000 for a colleague who also had an SH-2000 that he was willing to sell.
His SH-1000 needed the keyboard contacts cleaned, so I took care of that and got the SH-2000 for a good price as "payment" :)

External condition is good. The sliders feel OK. However, it has the same problem with the keyboard contacts as the SH-1000 I serviced had. At least I know how to fix that. Now I just need to get it done. We will see how long that takes ;)

It's got a fairly low serial number (3xxxx). When I checked on the web, the SH-2000s before #578050 should have the Moog transistor ladder filter, so this one should.
Perhaps that's why the guy I bought it from said he almost didn't want to let it go due to the Tuba preset. It does sound really full and warm! Could be the filter ;)

While it doesn't offer total manual control like the SH-1000, it does offer manual control of the filter, and that's the most important part, isn't it? ;)
I am thinking that it's gotta be "easy" to make mods to this to make it more like an SH-1000 in terms of parameter control, but I didn't find anything while searching the web. Perhaps it's really messy...

A downside is that there is no external control for this (no CV even), though I guess that can be arranged.
All in all, a good deal for a nice old piece of Roland hardware!


  1. IS this for sale or rental? I have an artist the needs this urgently..

  2. Hi! Is there any way to get in touch with you, Peter?
    I have my hands on an SH-2000 in need of a little TLC.
    You can contact med on facebook (Johan Dereborn) or via mail johan at dereborn dot com.
    I live in mid-Sweden.

    here you got midi in

  4. I have a Roland Sh 2000 that is in beautiful condition..Bought it new years ago. Has only been used a few time.Because we are seniors, We would like to sell it but have no idea what price to ask..Any help greatly appreciated

  5. You like to buy one? We have a SH2000. leave your mail address and we contact you.

  6. You like to buy one? We have a SH2000. leave your mail address and we contact you.