Monday, October 10, 2011

Polysix got a new battery!

Finally I can save presets!

Well, it only took me 6 months to get this installed :)

Nice long wires going across the FX-board. Who cares :P

I put a standard CR2032 Lithium coin cell in a holder on a piece of strip-board and put a small pin header receptable on it as connector. The wires from the CPU board got soldered onto a 2-pin male header.
I need to be able to disconnect it if I have to remove something in there again.
After that I drilled two small holes on the inside of the left cheek in the Polysix and attached the board there.
The battery is now at a safe distance from the CPU :)
I guess that if it leaks or explodes or something, it's the BBD chips that will get it instead... I'm not sure what's worse though. Let's just hope it won't happen!
At least I've put a 1N4148 where R91 used to be, so it shouldn't be getting any recharge current.
See Old Crow's site:

and some calibration...
While I was at it, I relacibrated the VCFs and VCOs for the six voices as I think the keyboard tracking was bad at the high end. Didn't sound good when I played high and low notes at the same time.
I'm still not sure how to use that weird "Test"-switch and that stretched scaling... I think it sounds like shit.
I think I'm just gonna let it stay in the Test-position since I guess that's the correct tuning.

Now I need to get a way to make a hole big enough to fit a MIDI connector somewhere...
The CHD MIDI-kit is still waiting in the shelf.

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