Saturday, October 8, 2011

New place!

We have moved! New "studio" room!

We = Me, my girlfriend and our cats.
I'm sane enough not to include the synthesizers in the "we".
But of course I moved them too, and "they" got their own room ;)

Ok, it was almost 4 months ago since we moved, but I didn't feel it was worth posting until the "studio" was in at least a "useable" and presentable condition.
I guess it is now!

The latest addition is the pair of Adam A7X monitors on the stands on each side of the desk. They cost a lot more than I was planning to spend, but... bah..

I also made an "electronics corner" in the other end of the room.

I'm still missing some things. For example, the window is facing south and I live on the north hemisphere, which means it sucks to sit in that white chair in the middle of the day. I have to put some blinds or something in that window.

I could also use a carpet and some other sound dampening things in the room to improve the acoustics a bit. It's never going to be a real studio of course but at least I should get rid of the echo :)

Anyway, it's really nice to be able to have all the stuff up on stands (they weren't cheap either, urgh).
Best of all is that I'm now able to take a synthesizer and put it on the desk, open it and fix it, without occupying the only desk space I have.

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