Sunday, October 9, 2011

CS-30 overhauled

As I have settled in at the new apartment and finally have proper space to work on my gear, I decided it was time for the CS-30 to get fixed up!

VCO board is next!

I replaced:
  • All the aluminium electrolytic capacitors
  • All the tantalum capacitors
  • The VCO1 feet selector
  • The EG2 sustain slider
  • The EG3 sustain slider

The VCO1 feet selector was worn and wouldn't properly select an octave. Sometimes you'd have to hit the front panel for it to "tune" properly...
The EG2 and EG3 sustain sliders were worn and would sometimes just make an open circuit with 0 sustain. I had two original sliders which I replaced them with.

EG2 slider removed. EG3 slider already replaced. Look at it shine! :)

I went to the calibration procedures in the service manual as well as I could follow them, but .. my god.. There are some errors in it.
Also, the calibration for the sequencer voltage... I have no idea what I did wrong but I completely screwed up the keyboard tracking mode for the sequencer.
In the end, I just tuned it by ear :)

Hopefully now I will be able to use the CS-30 with the Kenton Pro Solo MkII MIDI/CV converter that I recently bought! :)

1 comment:

  1. hi Peter
    nice job.
    I have to change one env slider on mine.
    Lucky you had some lying around.
    I have same issues with sequencer in KBRD mode
    I did some mods on it, like boost (a little ) the resonance on its filters;
    the 24db mode (which it isnt really)meaning ability to route VCF1 LP in VCF2 LP ...
    discussed here:
    I looove this synth. cheers Tiego