Sunday, August 24, 2014

Roland MKS-50

I so REALLY DIDN'T NEED this, but it was so cheap, it would be criminal not to buy it!

Found it about a month ago and was first not going to bother, but ... the price.. THE PRICE!

I got this MKS-50, along with four other rack units hardly worth mentioning, and a hardcase.
So all in all, I got this.

  • MKS-50
  • Kawai K1r
  • Behringer Ultrafex II EX3100
  • Alesis MidiVerb II
  • Furman LC-6
  • Hardcase for a keyboard.

The MKS-50 was what I was after and everything else was just a bonus to me as the total price for everything was a mere 500 SEK (55 EUR / $75 USD).

I think you understand me now when I'm telling you I had to buy it.

1 comment:

  1. What a deal! I've been scavenging for an MKS50 or 70 that wasn't marked up to an absurd price.