Sunday, August 24, 2014

ETI 4600

What have I done?
I have dragged a wounded monster back to my cave...

Behold the ETI 4600!

The previous owner said he's owned it for about 8 years. He bought it in the same condition I bought it in (which by the way was about one and a half month ago).
His plan was to get it fixed up, but he never got around to it.
So... Why not buy it and let it rot at my place for another 8 years before I sell it to the next poor victim?

I haven't even started it yet. He told me he thinks the VCOs, mixers and VCAs should work. I think he said there was a problem with the envelopes and the filters. The modulation matrix probably also needs to "take a bath in contact cleaner" he said.
Well... We'll see how this will turn out. At least it's hopefully not too many rare parts in it that need replacing, even if there probably are many parts that do need replacing :P

Some photos

The panel is badly curved as there's no support for it in the center, only at the edges.
The guts! Remove one screw on each side and the front panel flips down forward.

VCOs and mixers

Envelope, transients, mixers, filters, amps

Equalizer, moulation matrix, inputs, outputs, reverb control
Transformer (with scale for reference)

Voltage regulators
Power distribution board

Power jack, inputs, outputs, spring reverb tank

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  1. So, did you ever get anywhere with this one? Or is it two years into its 8 year sit at your place? :)